Computer Services in Renton

5 & 16 Technologies, based in Renton, WA, is a unique computer services firm that's technology focused, but people centered.

We specialize in helping small businesses, micro-enterprises, and solo professionals make the best use of their computer systems by offering preventative maintenance, onsite and remote support, and consulting services.

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proactive support

Proactive Support

We use a proactive approach with our support services to keep problems small.

cloud-based monitoring

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Lower costs and keep your information more secure with our cloud-based monitoring.

system maintenance

System Maintenance

Maintenance services that automatically install updates, remove temp files, and run defragmentation processes.

daily safety checks
Daily Safety Checks

We run processes on your computers daily to check for security vulnerabilities.

Does your business need tech support?

daily safety checks

Are you tired of viruses and spam getting in the way of you getting actual work done?

Are you tired of dealing with computer people who talk down to you because you don't speak 'dork'?

It's time to start working with a professional who not only cares about your computers, but about you and your business as well!

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